In order to be like Jesus, you need to spend time with Jesus.   During the Encounter experience, you’ll journey into scripture and walk with Jesus and explore how to love and serve others as He did. 

Regardless of your position at home or work, you are a leader.     Everyone is a leader in some form in his or her life because leadership is an influence process.  And we all influence others at home, work, and community.

Jesus gave his followers a vision of something greater than themselves. He consistently reminded them of the long-term effects of their work. He allowed those around Him to fail but held them accountable. He redirected them. He forgave them, and He inspired the best in others. The result? He started a movement that continues to thrive more than 2000 years later.

Come follow Him and learn lessons from the greatest leadership role model of all time…Jesus.

What does it mean to lead like Jesus?

The ENCOUNTER experience

Norman was wealthy, successful, and too busy for his wife and family. His marriage and family almost fell apart. When he stumbled upon Lead Like Jesus ENCOUNTER everything changed. It was the beginning of an incredible transformation that continues till today! 

Rich, Successful, and Miserable.

Norman's ENCOUNTER Story...

Virtual or On-Site

Join us on this incredible journey and discover how to lead and influence like Jesus!

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Join us for this 12-Hour Leadership Development Experience

For individual development or teams of any size. 

Engage, dialogue, ask questions, and challenge leadership misconceptions in a small group setting.

Teams and Individuals


A highly interactive, participant-centered, and deeply personal workshop that challenges conventional leadership models and offers a practical model of influence based on the greatest leader role model of all time, Jesus.

 Lead Like Jesus  Leadership ENCOUNTER Experience

Interactive Videos

Our video-driven, relationally structured ENCOUNTER offers a perfect blend for both visual and hands-on learners

I learned it was possible to integrate work into my Christian walk. I enjoyed sharing and learning from the experiences of others in the Encounter.”


Beth Meagher

ENCOUNTER Participant

"Lead Like Jesus is the cornerstone of our culture. It affects everything we do. Lead Like Jesus will make a significant difference in the culture and success of any organization.”


Doug Mazza

Former President and COO for Joni & Friends,
Named a “Best Christian Workplace” for 12 consecutive years

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Encounter Facilitator Certification: $899

What to expect

ENCOUNTER outcomes

Who should attend?


Prerequisites to becoming a certified Facilitator: 

  • Have a ready-made audience with opportunities to lead multiple Encounter workshops every year
  • Complete a Facilitator Application and submit it to Lead Like Jesus

"The principles of Lead Like Jesus have had a profound impact on the staff of FCA. Thank you, Lead Like Jesus, for the way you have empowered and equipped our ministry.”


Les Steckel

Former President/CEO, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

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