Meaningful feedback is a key ingredient to developing a flourishing culture based on trust.

Delivering and receiving feedback the right way, at the right time, and for the right reason will grow us as leaders, improve organizational culture, deepen relationships, build loyalty and even elevate productivity.

96% of employees say getting regular feedback is a good thing… yet 75% say they don’t receive feedback frequently enough to improve their work performance.

In this 60-minute webinar you’ll learn from Henry Ford's Model-T story and discover simple yet powerful lessons about giving and receiving feedback that, if applied, will make you a better leader, parent, and coworker.

Attend the webinar for a donation of any amount and receive two BONUS gifts. 

Attend the webinar and receive access to the video study:

 "The Heart of Giving and Receiving Feedback"

This study will help you look at feedback in a new light. These three lessons will help you:

  • Reflect on ways you tend to receive and give feedback
  • Discover four major feedback warning signs
  • Learn what happens to leaders who fail to listen to feedback
  • Dive into Biblically rooted reflection on giving and receiving feedback

Lead Like Jesus Stories...

Doug Erickson chose to lead like Jesus at home and his marriage was restored.

Otis McAllister chose to lead like Jesus by forgiving his brother's murderer and found freedom and peace.


During the webinar you'll 

Discover the importance of developing organizational feedback culture and learn practical ways to infuse feedback into your day-to-day activities.

Learn 4 lessons from industry giant, Henry Ford, so that you don't repeat these common feedback mistakes.

Establish biblical foundation regarding feedback and explore the consequences of receiving or rejecting feedback from the lives of various biblical personalities.               

Discover 5 useful approaches you can develop to  give and receive meaningful feedback with grace and truth.

Attend the webinar and receive downloadable 

2-page handout based on Biblical® DISC

This 2-page downloadable handout will help you communicate and deliver meaningful feedback in a meaningful way.

  • Brief overview of four unique behavioral styles
  • Ways to communicate with and deliver feedback to each of the four behavioral styles 
  • Ways to work with and relate to each of the styles to build loving relationships Jesus envisioned for us

Chances are good you know the name Henry Ford. You probably even know a bit of his story. That’s because Henry Ford changed the world by making automobiles affordable for working-class families.

Until Ford pioneered assembly-line production, cars were built one at a time by hand and were so expensive that only the very wealthy could afford them. But then Ford created the Model-T and built it on an automated assembly line.

But there’s another part of Henry Ford’s story you probably don’t know, and it contains an important warning for us all.

In the 1920s, the wealth of many Americans expanded at a rapid pace. And with higher income came more leisure time. Many people began to think of their car as a status symbol and not just a way to get from point A to point B. But Henry Ford refused to believe that an automobile could be anything more than an appliance—no different than a stove or a refrigerator. In fact, the marketing slogan for the Model-T was “It takes you there, and it brings you back.” It doesn’t get any more basic than that!

Great success in business can make a leader deaf to critical feedback. It’s hard to imagine you’re doing anything wrong—or that there’s anything worth improving—when you’re at the top of your game. But it was exactly the kind of pride that brought trouble to Henry Ford.  The BONUS 3-part study dives deeper into Henry Ford's decision making and teaches us valuable lessons about the importance of listening to meaningful feedback.