Step by Step Process for

Developing + Discipling

Those You Lead

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Start helping people become all that God intended for them to be.

Become a Strategic Leader

Become a strategic leader who is skilled at discipling, goal setting, coaching, active listening, feedback, and proactive problem solving.

Evaluate the developmental step of team members on specific tasks or goals and adapt the appropriate leadership strategy for each of them.

Become an Adaptive Leader

Increase individual and organizational accountability by linking goals and planned intentions to an action plan.

Build Accountability

Build Quality Communication

Discover a new language of leadership to provide clear and common terminology for maximum productivity and morale.

The Way of The Carpenter Workshop Objectives

  • Learn ways to evaluate the developmental step of team members on a specific task/goal
  • Assess your preferred leadership strategy using the Leadership Strategy Assessment
  • Discover ways to adapt your coaching strategy to meet the needs of your team members
  • Open up communication and increase the quality and frequency of meaningful conversations 
  • Provide meaningful and effective leadership that meets the demands of the task or goal at a given time
  • Enhance your performance by continually improving your skill at coaching and serving others
  • Practice the four skills of an effective performance coach
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This is a people development framework within the Lead Like Jesus model that provides a task-specific, practical, and actionable process for developing people and building strong and trusting relationships.

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The Way of The Carpenter Participant Workbook

Every participant receives a 57-page Participant Workbook filled with practical wisdom and insights, helpful charts and graphs and plenty of room to take notes.

The Way of The Carpenter Workshop

What's Included?

The Way of The Carpenter Coaching Guidebook

This Coaching Guidebook will give you a template for how to build the Way of the Carpenter model and  principles into your leadership practices. It includes conversation starters for each of the Developmental steps and Leadership strategies.

Hands-on facilitation and peer-to-peer learning

The Way of The Carpenter workshop is not a lecture. It's a participant-driven learning  model that includes skilled facilitators, interactive videos and lots of discussion and discovery time in peer groups.

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The Leadership Strategy Assessment is an objective analysis designed as a personalized map of your Leadership knowledge at this moment in time. It tells you where you are. It tells you why you are there, and it tells you how to become more effective.

Leadership Strategy Assessment

Leadership is not one size fits all, yet most lead that way.

A Gallup poll found that only 18% of leaders demonstrate a high level of talent for managing others – meaning a shocking 82% aren’t very good at leading people. 

Join us for this 90-Minute Webinar, based on The Way of the Carpenter Workshop. Discover why and how to adapt your personal leadership to meet the needs of others! 

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